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Organo Corporation is a leading company, based in Tokyo, Japan, involved in water purification and wastewater treatment. Organo was founded in 1946 and is active in research and development, design, manufacture and support of the world-wide application of water and wastewater equipment and materials used in nuclear and fossil fuel power plants and other industries, notably semiconductor and pharmaceutical. In the Japanese power industry, Organo’s market share encompasses 65% of the condensate filters, 70% of the condensate demineralizers, 90% of the RWCU systems, 90% of the spent fuel cleaning systems, 80% of the makeup plants and 70% of seawater desalination systems. In addition to the design and construction of water treatment systems, Organo also provides maintenance services, problem solving expertise and development support as part of a continual optimization effort. R&D efforts are supported by Organo’s Central Research Laboratories.

Finetech and Organo have established a strategic collaboration to identify applications for Organo technologies and expertise at existing plants in the U.S. power industry. One of these technologies is the Integrated Flow Distributor (IFD).  Organo has successfully retrofitted the IFD in approximately 100 bottom tubesheet filter demineralizer vessels at 11 BWR stations in Japan.  Finetech is experienced in designing, fabricating and supporting the installation and startup of filter and demineralizer system hardware and instrumentation & control upgrades at U.S. and foreign nuclear power plants.  Organo and Finetech have collaborated on IFD retrofits to bottom tubesheet F/D systems in the U.S., Mexico and Europe.

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