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Integrated Flow Distributor (IFD)

In order to improve the performance of bottom tubesheet Condensate Filter Demineralizers (CF/Ds) in Japan, Organo Corporation studied the optimum vessel internal configuration for precoat application and retention.The studies were performed in the laboratory, pilot plant and at actual BWR plants.  Organo was successful in achieving significant performance improvements by adding what is the IFD (Integrated Flow Distributor) technology.  The performance improvement with yarn-wound cylindrical septa was measured in terms of operating run length to a differential pressure endpoint, which was increased by a factor of about two.  As a result, all bottom tubesheet BWR CF/D vessels in Japan were retrofitted with the Organo IFD and new vessels were designed with this technology incorporated.  When RWCU (Reactor Water Cleanup) system flow rates were increased in Japan from 1% to 2% of feedwater flow, IFDs were added to existing RWCU F/D vessels.  Despite doubling of the area flow rates, DFs for cobalt were actually improved.

Adaptation of the IFD to U.S. bottom tubesheet F/D installations offers similar benefits as experienced in Japan with cylindrical surface septa.  Organo and Finetech have collaborated in bringing the IFD technology to existing U.S. plants.  While IFD experience in Japan was exclusively with cylindrical surface septa, performance benefits have been achieved in the U.S. with both cylindrical and pleated outer surface precoated septa.

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