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Finetech employs a multi-step process to ensure the specified process control system is delivered on-time and within budget.

1.  Preliminary Design/ Specification

Finetech’s multi-disciplined engineering staff is experienced in providing conceptual/preliminary system designs which are of enough detail for the development of the customer’s bid specification. In instances where the customer may also need support in the development of the bid specification, again, Finetech has the resources to meet those needs.

2.  Control Philosophy/ System Description

In order to convey the basic operating principles and functions of the proposed control system, a Control Philosophy is developed prior to a detailed design package. This document typically includes a description of the process along with applicable system equipment.  More importantly, an overview of operational functionality, commands and settings are outlined.  Process control loops are identified along with their respective operating ranges and alarm setpoints.  Automation sequence and/ or logical flow charts are also incorporated along with associated operational permissives, failure modes and process alarms.

3.  Detailed Design Package

The detailed design package incorporates all required software code, calculations, drawings and documentation associated with the control system design necessary for final approval of the customer’s overall modification design package (e.g. – Engineering Change Package, etc.).  Finetech can provide the necessary calculations necessary for the electrical, mechanical and structural components of the control system.  All drawings are provided in CAD format (Microstation/AutoCAD). 

4.  Fabrication

Finetech maintains a 20+ year, collaborative relationship with a local fabrication shop.  All fabrication work is completed within specification using quality workmanship. 

5.  Simulation Testing/ Inspection

Finetech incorporates intense testing of the completed control system using a hard-wired simulation system. This device is used to validate all component wiring as well as the developed software code.  It provides the ability to simulate operation of the control system therefore providing the customer with the ability to perform operational test runs during final inspection of the system.  This level of testing minimizes post-installation design changes and/ or “fixes”.  After final approval and delivery, the simulation unit is typically setup on-site with the control system where the customer can continue with operational procedural development training.

6.  Training

Finetech can provide knowledgeable staff and the necessary documentation for on-site training of the customer’s plant personnel (e.g.- Operations, Maintenance, etc.).  Using the simulation system provided, hands-on training is typically the most effective as personnel are comfortable with the system components and functionality prior to field installation.

7.  Installation

On-site installation support is available to ensure all post-installation equipment is in working order.  This includes working with installation crews during both point-to-point continuity checks, system power-up and process signal loop calibration.

8.  Start-Up

On-site support is available during system start-up.  Typically, start-up support covers final system configuration and/ or calibration during both dry and wet-run testing.  Wet-run testing with the plant process during this phase may require final software code “tweaks”.

Additional Services

  • Installation & Start-Up Testing Procedure Development
  • System Operating Procedure Development
  • Independent Third-Party Review
  • 24/7 Post-Installation Service & Support Contracts

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