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Chemistry Assessments and Evaluations

Areas of Assessments Performed:
•Chemistry Program & Control Assessments
      •General (pre-INPO), BWRVIP, Fuel Reliability, Radiation Dose, Targeted, Program Enhancement
•GAP Assessments (Plant Practice vs. Industry Best or Standard)
•System Assessments
      •Condensate Polishing
      •Closed Cooling Water Systems
      •Stator Liquid Cooling
      •Torus/Suppression Pool
      •Radwaste Processing
      •Makeup Water Treatment

Other Types of Plant Assistance:
•Root Cause Investigations
•Operational Chemistry Control
•Chemistry Data/Anomaly Evaluations
•Chemistry Projects – Examples:
      •Strategic Water Chemistry Plan
      •Chemical Decontaminations
      •Chemistry Procedure Upgrades
      •HWC/NMCA Program Support
      •Chemistry Process Performance Teams
      •Chemistry Limits & Frequencies Matrix

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