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EPRI Support

BWR Chemistry Control
BWR Chemistry Monitoring & Assessment
•BWR Condensate Filter/RWCU Chemistry Control Users Group
•PWR Primary and Secondary Resins and Filters Users Group
•EPRI PWR and BWR Condensate Polishing Guidelines
•BWR Zinc Users Group
•BWR Cycle Chemistry Evaluations

BWR Vessel and Internals Project (BWRVIP)
•BWR Water Chemistry Guidelines
•BWRVIP Mitigation Committee Support
•BWRVIP HWC/NMCA Experience Report and NMCA Applications Guidelines
•BWR Shutdown and Startup Chemistry Sourcebook
•BWR Startup ECP Reduction
•BWR EHWC (Early Hydrogen Water Chemistry) Demonstration
•BWRVIA Radiolysis Model Users Group and Model Development Support
•Radiolysis Modeling for the Advanced BWR
•BWRVIP-62 Revisions and Implementation Guidelines (Inspection Relief for Reactor Internals)
•BWR Platinum Deposition Modeling and Benchmarking

BWR Fuel Reliability Program
•BWRVIP Fuel Reliability Program (B-TAC)
•BWR Fuel Crud Database
•Fuel Reliability Guidelines: BWR Fuel Cladding Corrosion and Crud
•BWR Fuel Crud Deposition Model
•Comparison of Effects of BWR Filter Demineralizer and Deep Bed Demineralizer Condensate Polishing on
  Water Quality
•BWR Channel Distortion Database and Model Development
•Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Zinc Injection Strategy Evaluation

BWR Radiation Management
•BWR Radiation Management Source Term Reduction
•Cobalt Reduction Sourcebook
•Assessments of BWR Operational and Shutdown Chemistry Control on Cobalt Transport and Radiation Fields

Advanced Nuclear Technology
•Assessment of BWR Water Chemistry Control in Advanced Plants:  Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
•Assessment of BWR Water Chemistry Control in Advanced Plants:  Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor

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