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Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling

Finetech has developed computer hydraulic models to analyze a variety of systems important to nuclear power plant performance. These models have been used to evaluate the causes of system performance issues, to assess changes for performance improvement, and to assess the impacts of flow and temperature increases that occur from plant changes, such as extended power uprates. Examples of steady state and non-steady state models are:

Piping Network Analysis:
Hydraulic models are often based on a 3-D CAD model of the piping system. Examples include: condensate deep bed demineralizer systems, condensate filtration systems, condensate filter demineralizer systems, and reactor water cleanup systems.

Top Tubesheet Filter Backwash:
Unsteady-state model to evaluate the effectiveness of current configurations and settings, and effects of design and operating changes.
More about Backwash Modeling

Bottom Tubesheet Filter Backwash:
Steady-state and unsteady-state (i.e., air surge) backwash models.

Flow Distribution:
In collaboration with Organo Corporation, flow distribution within a bottom tubesheet filter vessel is modeled by CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for the purpose of designing components for internal flow distribution improvements. This allows the Integrated Flow Distributor (IFD) design to be customized to the geometry and flow range of each vessel. 

The radial flux distribution along the length of filter elements is modeled using a finite element approach.

The combination of CAD and hydraulic modeling is used to improve the flow distribution within deep bed demineralizer vessels.

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