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Liquid Radwaste Process Optimization

Finetech has performed numerous evaluations of existing liquid radioactive waste processing systems for BWRs and PWRs.  Services involve the following processes:

  • Filtration:  Filter demineralizers, non-precoat filters
  • Filter Media Selection and Optimization
  • Body Feed Optimization
  • Deep Bed Demineralization: Resin/media selection
  • Evaporation
  • Liquid Processing for Recycle or Discharge

With the advent of high efficiency iron removal processes in BWRs, Finetech has developed a comprehensive program for the application of polyelectrolytes to improve processing of backwash and cleaning liquids in the radwaste plant.  This successful process has resulted in significant cost, labor and dose savings.

Polyelectrolyte Treatment of Condensate Filter Backwash Waste

Polyelectrolyte vs. Chelating Agent

Polymer Success Story

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